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What is Warr Acres?

Warr Acres is the worship band for Victory Church in Oklahoma City. Warr Acres began releasing albums in 2005 under the name, VMusic. In 2011, VMusic was rebranded as Warr Acres, bringing an energetic, pop/rock worship sound to their self titled debut release WARR ACRES.

Who is Warr Acres?

Warr Acres encompasses the entire worship ministry of Victory Church, under the leadership of Chris Crow, Lael Ewing, Oscar Ortiz and Kristy Starling. This foursome leads a group of talented songwriters and provide all the vocals on the Warr Acres 2013 release, Hope Will Rise.

Compared to the last album, Hope Will Rise has a much more cohesive sound overall, with a stronger presence of piano and strings, yet still pushes the boundaries of the typical "worship sound" by the incorporation of electronic programming. The message of this album falls very much in line with the theme of "Hope Will Rise". The album's 14 new tracks cover a lot of ground, musically and lyrically, for listeners.  Some songs will make you want to dance (Pulse, Freedom Fall), while others will help you experience an intimate time of worship with God (Linger, Here At Your Feet). Other songs are very congregational-friendly & anthemic (Hope Will Rise, Come To Jesus) while others are motivational to put a message into action (Light Up The Night).

Once again, Warr Acres is thrilled to be a part of the Dream Records family. Included on the Hope Will Rise, release are collaborations with fellow Dream Records artists, Jonathan Thulin(Freedom Fall) and Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff(Lovesick).

How can you get Warr Acres music for yourself or for your church?

Hope Will Rise is now available for purchase!

Or, you can purchase a physical copy, HERE.

Warr Acres would love for churches all over the world to sing and play Warr Acres music in their churches. Warr Acres desires to build the body of Christ with songs that have repeatedly ministered to people in times of need.